5 Ways To Pick The Perfect Professional Responsibility Attorney For Your Claim

Apr 11, 2018

Professional Responsibility Attorney

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And it's unfortunate. The timing is unfortunate. It looks somewhat possibly vindictive to some. SIMON: Well, let - but let me follow up on that, if I could, because it's not as if Mr. McCabe was still actively employed in the Justice Department and certainly wouldn't be, come Monday morning. Is this just an act of vindictiveness and mean-spiritedness toward someone - I mean, the president was essentially dancing in the end zone in a tweet after he was fired. And... GONZALES: Well, I'm not going to speak to what the president's response to that was. But whether or not it's one minute before the end of his service or one year or five years, if you're engaged in wrongdoing, you have to be held accountable.

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